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Shades of the Past
Marshall, MN

Shades of the Past is a car community located in Marshall, MN. Established in 1986, the club is comprised of car enthusiasts around the area of Southwest Minnesota. Each year, Shades of the Past hosts a very well-attended car show at Runnings in Marshall. Cruises, Roll-Ins, and other events are scheduled in addition throughout the summer months.

The car community is one of the many hidden gems in Southwest Minnesota. Here you will find incredible classic cars and trucks, and incredible people and stories behind the preserved history of automotive.

Upcoming Events

Last updated 09/15/22 - see for the latest.


A local car community in Southwest Minnesota


Annual Summer Car Show

With the help of over 60 sponsors and many volunteers, Shades of the Past puts together an incredible car show every year in June. Car enthusiasts travel from near and far to get a look at incredible rides, enjoy live music and fresh food, and take their shot at show prizes. This is one of my favorite events to attend during the summer months! Whether you're from the area or not, I encourage you to make plans to make it to the next Shades of the Past car show in Marshall!

Roll-Ins, Show & Shines, and More!

In addition to the large annual car show, Shades of the Past puts on other great events throughout the warm Minnesota months (whenever that happens to be). Roll-ins and Show & Shine events have taken over Downtown Marshall; it's always exciting to see what get-togethers come with each year!


Past Event Galleries


About Andrew Miller Photography

Welcome! I am an automotive photographer based in Marshall, Minnesota. As a student at SMSU, I was able to explore my interests and pursue photography with the help of many great mentors along the way. Andrew Miller Photography came about in 2020 - proudly serving private and commercial clients throughout Southwest Minnesota!

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