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Patience is a Virtue

I have driven past this church countless times, with intentions to stop and take a picture - it just never felt right. The overcast sky seemed too gloomy, or the night sky would cover the scene in darkness. I played it in my head every time I drove by, what I imagined the scene to be, but again and again it failed to come together.

Landscape photography teaches you the essence of timing; the persistence to return to the same spot over and over. When it feels right, you know it. When it doesn't, you know that too. Today was a day where it all seemed to fall in place.

But even the planned experiences spontaneity - just down the county road I turned off on, was a beautiful red barn and a lonely tree branching out through the winter scenery.

If you're not in a rush, take the long way home next time. Take in new places, or revisit old ones with a determined eye. I've had some of my favorite pictures come from returning to the same spot over and over, and others completely unplanned. Today, I experienced both in the same day.

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