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New Beginnings

Camera: Canon 77D; Lens: Canon L-Series 24-105mm

Aperture: f/4; Shutter Speed: 1/60; ISO: 800

My fascination with cars often includes looking around different dealerships, seeing what they have in stock. One particular evening I came across a 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 at Kruse Motors. I told myself I had to get a look at it and snap some pictures. I reached out to a salesman, Carter Iverson, and asked if I could stop by.

I arrived at Kruse Motors the next day and Carter showed me around - to my surprise they also had a C7 Corvette in the showroom. He let me run off to snap some pictures, and when I went to thank him he introduced me to a few managers who asked me to apply for a position as an automotive photographer. The following week, I received a follow-up from one of the owners; he invited me to come in and chat. I was offered a position as a marketing intern and am beyond thankful for the opportunity.


My experiences at Kruse Motors have included a whole bunch of photography, social media marketing, email marketing, radio advertising, website design, branding our new home-delivery service: Krusen2U, and so much more. Every day is a fun new challenge; I have learned so much that has benefited me beyond what I’m able to get in the classroom at SMSU. It’s been incredible to grow in the automotive industry and get this hands-on experience most don’t see until after graduating.