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Fourth in the District

Fourth of July Washington D.C. (2020), Travel Photographer - Andrew Miller Photography

Camera: Canon 77D; Lens: Canon L-Series 24-105mm

Aperture: f/5; Shutter Speed: 1/500; ISO: 100

In the past, a 4th of July would typically involve a grill-out followed by some evening fireworks. It was always a fun time, but I had never experienced a DC 4th of July until 2020.

Our day began at Mount Vernon, exploring the grounds and watching reenactments in front of the mansion. It was a modified celebration due to the COVID-19 pandemic but was still a very cool experience. We were there for much of the afternoon, enjoyed a picnic, and headed back home.

We all took a nap when we got back; a long day in the hot Virginia sun was a lot for this Minnesotan to handle! I woke up eager to view the fireworks in DC despite not having any plans to. I ran around the house asking who wanted to come with me, as my sister (and usual adventure buddy) was off at work for the evening and would not be able to come. After being told no, I said that I was going to go by myself. My momma did not like that, so she came along too (and was sure glad she did).

The parking situation was iffy because we should have left hours before, however, we got it figured out and took a walk towards the Washington Monument. We froze along our way watching the military flyovers - it was crazy! You wouldn’t hear them until they were there; this shot of the Blue Angels was almost missed as I was distracted talking to another photographer on the bridge we were at.

To best social-distance, we proceeded on to the steps of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial to watch the fireworks that followed the flyovers. The show blew us away (no pun intended) but I suppose there was no reason for it not to with the budget President Trump put into it.

Some say the best memories come unplanned and I’m glad my adventurous side came out to experience this! I provided more pictures below; this was a Fourth I will never forget. If you ever have the opportunity to spend the Fourth of July in the District, DO IT!