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Caffeine & Octane

Caffeine & Octane, Medina MN | Automotive Photographer - Andrew Miller Photography

Camera: Canon 77D; Lens: Canon L-Series 24-105mm

Aperture: f/6.3; Shutter Speed: 1/160; ISO: 400

Ferrari, McLaren, Bentley, and other exotic brands along with classics, mods, and everything in between lined the roads of AutoMotorPlex in Medina, Minnesota. Their monthly car show draws quite the crowd, and for good reason. The biggest standout in my eyes was the Carbon Series Ford GT (pictured below). These garage condos are home not only to incredible vehicles, but also great people. Many opened their place up to visitors, and enjoyed conversation over coffee.

AutoMotorPlex hosts Caffeine and Octane on the second Saturday of every month. This was my first time attending the show, and certainly won’t be the last. Enjoy a few of my shots!

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