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1JourneyFit Offers Faith-Based Training Programs to SWMN

Meet Sondy - he's the founder of 1JourneyFit in Marshall, Minnesota. Located Downtown, he offers incredible training programs to students, adults, and seniors. At 1JourneyFit there is a focus not only on physical health, but mental health as well.

Our team’s mission is to help others realize that athleticism is not limited to any age or sport. Our dedicated team of trainers and nutritionists specialize in sports-related physical treatment, nutrition and sports performance for our clients to receive a holistic fitness approach.

I had the pleasure of stopping by the Varsity Performance session. Following the school day, these high school athletes were hard at work, training for their upcoming seasons.

Throughout the editing process, we decided on black and white images to contrast their gold logo. A graphic template is included to the right! I love how things came together throughout this shoot and I am looking forward to working with 1JF again in the future!

I invite you to check out 1JourneyFit on Instagram, or visit their website at!

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